One great way to get links out of nowhere for your clients is to check sites that are trying to pass off as your clients website for back links. You see, spammers of all sorts are clever. They see ways of generating decent income from all those little scraps you weren’t paying attention to. They understand that people mis spell things. And sometimes those mis spellings are really obvious. Here’s a real world case in point, our rather new client is the Little Greene who do very posh interior decorating products. The Little Greene Paint CompanyNow, their domain name is Note there is a “the” before Little Greene. If you drop “the” you get www., Note the latter link wont go through so I dont give them link juice. This is a site which looks very much stylistically like our clients site. Spammy version of Little Greene paint company siteBut it isn’t. However it is close enough that 5 absolutely on topic sites with some very decent authority have linked to it. Spammy site backlinks via YahooThose links will be my links as they clearly want to be linking to my clients site. And if I help them out with correcting their mistake, maybe they’ll let me choose a tasty bit of anchor text and  deep link it to the client site. The lesson here being make sure you get what’s due from from those people who love what you do.

  • Paul Fabretti

    Good post Simon, and well explained.

    It’s the little stuff like that which makes a difference – especially if the linking sites are already powerful influencers (or Page Ranks).

    You don’t need a ton of links from important sources to become important yourself, so a good lesson learned there!