Major UK retail chain, Harvey Nichols, confirmed its intention to revamp its email marketing programme in order both to improve its service to existing customers and to expand its customer base.

The Harvey Nichols group, which can date its origins back to 1813, focuses mainly on clothing and fashion, but has also more recently found success in the food retail sector.

Commenting on the group’s plans, its head of commerce, Sandrine Deveaux, said that an evaluation of Harvey Nichols’s email marketing activities had led the group to seek ‘a digital marketing solution that would provide segmentation, automation and seamless delivery and measurement’ of its email marketing strategy, and, in the process, move its online marketing initiatives on to ‘the next level’.

Significantly, the group’s drive for a stronger online presence can in no way be seen as a sign of ‘failure’ with its existing strategies; recently published figures show Harvey Nichols to have increased its pre-tax profits by 38% in the year to 2nd April 2011, resulting in a total pre-tax profit for the year of almost £16 million.

The group’s on- going success story is also reflected in the fact that in addition to running a flagship store in London’s fashionable Knightsbridge area, it also boasts major outlets in several other parts of the country, including Leeds, Manchester, and Edinburgh.

The group also enjoys a significant global presence with stores in Dublin, Dubai, Hong Kong, Riyadh, Ankara and Istanbul; together with a new store set to open shortly in Kuwait.