Heather Mills New Website - Heather LogoWell, I was going to write a post today saying that now Heather’s finalised her divorce and been awarded £24.3 Million she can afford to sort her website out… but she beat me to it!

Heather’s site was criticised, and traffic was compared similarly to an obscure fishing website. I was asked to comment when I was on BBC Radio Manchester last year. I’ve got nothing against Heather, I think she gets a hard time and I don’t think she copes well in interviews. But I had to agree that her website was a shocker!

Heather Mills New WebsiteThe new website was launched shortly after the judgement, and is a great improvement. It’s easier to navigate and you’re not threatened with a barrage of charity banners as you were with the old site.

You can have a look at her old site using the web.archive.org here: Heather Mills Old Website.

Read more about Heather Mills’ site relaunch on Webuser.

  • But it’s still flawed. Nasty URLs and not using RSS to deliver the news

  • Katrina Gallagher

    It’s definitely not perfect, but it’s a huge improvement on the old one.

    I would say it’s improved aesthetically more than anything, but they’ve added video content and a the beginnings of a blog.

  • Julia

    I loved “Fur Is Dead” on the old website – it sits very obscurely at the bottom of the page, but is a kind of a nasty thing, if you think about it. Any fur is dead – nobody carries a live fox on their shoulders…

  • Katrina Gallagher
  • Jamie Clouting

    I know this is nothing more then nasty viral flash game but in the natture of viral, and my utter dislike for Lady Mucca, I am pleased to pass it on…