Hello, my name is…

Hello, my name is…

Hello all, my name is Laura Swain.

This is my introductory blog post – my very first post for the PushON blog will include some facts about me and I hope that you enjoy learning about the trials and trivialities of my life so far.

In July 2011 (only last month!) I was employed by the PushON company as a Search Marketing Consultant. My fellow colleagues have made me feel welcome and eased me into what’s shaping up to be a busy role. They have taught me everything I know, apart from what I knew before.

I was born in a little known East Midlands town called Nottingham: famous for the Xylophone Man (may he rest in peace), Miss England 2010 and a statue of Brian Clough. My years of education, latterly spent at the Nottingham Trent University left me with a first in History and (what I would call) vast research and writing skills as well as an appreciation for the work of David Starkey.   Unfortunately I was run out of town in 2009 by a rival historian and can only return now by the cover of darkness or in a pretty effective disguise. I came to Manchester via Leeds and can honestly say the city of Manchester and its surrounding conurbations are almost as wonderful as my hometown. I do miss some of the Nottingham/East Midlands dialect though – which I was inclined to partake in myself. Here are the top five with translations:

5 .“Yo norrayin no tuffees!” – You can’t have any sweeties
4. “It’s black ovver Bill’s mother’s” – Judging by the blackness of that large cloud over there, it looks like rain
3. “Ayup miduck, yahreet?” – Hello my friend, are you alright?
2. “immazatoadyabaht” – Him that I told you about (before)
1. “Ehyehgorrahwihyeh, er ehyehbihyehsen?” – Have you got her with you or are you by yourself?

Not living in City of Nottingham has made me love it even more. My sense of nostalgia and feelings of affection for the place inspired me to create this photoshopped piece of ‘art’.

But I digress. In Leeds I chanced upon an SEO job at a digital marketing agency where I acquired a great many skills in SEO and in link building in particular. I decided to give up my dreams of becoming a TV historian and focus on the altogether more wholesome calling of online marketeer. My job at PushON is what you would call a lucky break and my salvation from the boredom of working at home. And now I can cycle to work again instead of link building in my pyjamas.

I do hope that I can make myself very useful here and I look forward to a PushON shaped future! Thank you for reading this extremely self-indulgent post.