HMV provides QR code purchasing opportunity at bus stops

HMV has launched a new campaign whereby the QR codes which it displays on its poster advertisements in bus shelters go one stop further than merely providing information to passers-by; they act as a purchasing portal for the DVDs that the store is advertising.

The QR codes, which can be scanned and read by a smartphone, navigate the user to an app where the advertised DVDs can be purchased online.

Furthermore, the purchasing opportunity does not appear to have been included merely as an incidental benefit for those with smartphones; each poster clearly proclaims in its headline: ‘Shop here right now and get your Christmas shopping done early’; and features detailed accompanying instructions on how to carry out the purchase.

Commenting on the campaign, which is currently being used to promote DVDs from Twentieth Century Fox, Simply Zesty’s Lauren Fisher emphasised what she believes to be its ground-breaking nature.

The campaign, she says, creates a virtual ‘pop-up shop’:

‘It’s no longer just an ad, but a real revenue generator, through seamless integration of technology with a visual brand space’

As such, Fisher contends, the campaign foreshadows ‘a pretty exciting (or scary, depending on your viewpoint) vision of the future, where we move closer and closer to a truly interactive experience for something as simple as walking down the street’.

It is not yet clear however how smoothly or otherwise the experience of purchasing a DVD through this medium has been for those potential customers who have tried it.