Social media marketing experts are advising small business owners to take advantage of social media and have given advice on the best ways to promote their business through a social media presence. Experts say that social media isn’t a passing fad and claim that small business owners who fail to manage a social media channel may find they lose business.

Alison Kawa of Social Sonar said:

“The two most important things a small business should focus on for social media are providing consistent, engaging content and being responsive…This means you should be putting out content that serves your customers’ needs (rather than sells your business)”

Businesses should consider social media channels in the singular rather than as a host of different channels. Consumers integrate their use of social media channels and small businesses should take a similar approach when managing their own accounts. Cross platform links, such as Instagram to Facebook, should be seamlessly applied and monitored to ensure the content is current and interesting.

Small business managers need to be aware that simply setting up an account on Twitter or Facebook is not going to garner success. These channels need to be used to their fullest with regular attention being paid to content, links and social interactivity.

Facebook content needs to be kept current and should not leave consumers with unresolved questions about the products or services they have been looking for. Up to date contact details and brand imagery should also be current to ensure consumer searches lead them to the right page.