Instructions for how to get listed in Bing Local Listings and therefore organic Local Listings seem to be rather hard to find (if anyone knows of an easier/more direct way please do let us know!). It appears that Bing Local is powered by MultiMap (which is owned by Microsoft after a £25m takeover in December 2007) which in turn pulls its Local Listings from Market Location and you can submit a request to be added to these listings using this form.

Here is an example of organic local listings for a Bing search in Manchester:


As you can see there is little competition for Bing Local Listings at the moment and the results are not great, one nightclub, a cafe and a strip club…

  • Thanks very much for the info, hard to come by at this stage. Always useful to stay one step ahead of the game

  • I spent ages trying to find how to add a listing to Bing, so this post is really useful – thanks!

  • At last, you think you would be able to search for this on bing! I’m sure they’ll get there, and now we’ll be waiting!

  • Found an easier way to submit got to

  • Hi Mike,

    Can you add UK listings through that form? I can’t see the option?

  • Kat

    I submitted a local business listing to (msn live)bing.. It’s now verified but still pending review, so not active yet. It’s getting close to 1 month now…how long does this review process take? Google and Yahoo had it completed in less than 2 days!!! Not so sure bing has it all together. Anyone else having a similar problem? Thanks for all your great information!

  • Jeff

    Hey Kat,

    I’m having the same problem. I had wondered whether my submittal had a problem because of the delay. I now know I’m not the only one.

  • This is great – thanks very much. Just completed the form now. Sounds a little too easy though!!

    Will just have to wait and see if I’m listed in the next week (or maybe month in Kat’s case!) or so..

  • Thanks just submitted my business, any free oppertunity is worth taking.

  • This is a humongous rich international company trying to out google google. A simple business listing? Links to lucrative business advertising? The guys at google must be laughing their socks off!

  • Thanks… I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find out how to do this!

  • Wow!! Thanks a lot.. been looking for this myself!

  • Thanks for the info’ very helpful indeed.

  • Marvellous, thank you, saved an evening of fruitless searching. Hopefully it gets listed soon.

    Our site is ranking unusually well on Bing, not quite sure what I’ve done, but hopefully this will help too!

  • Thanks your for your help,
    This is great thanks very much. Just completed the form now.

  • Thanks so much for this info.

    I’ve been looking for a few hours now. I found the Bing form for USA listed companies. Great! Or does the world end on the shores of the USA?

    As Bruce has already remarked, Google must be laughing

  • BING Local does seem a little unfreindly to UK businesses.

  • Now, I got it…How to get listed in Bing local? Thank you for sharing this helpful post. I have an Australian website and would like to add this website now in Bing local listing.