Images of Apple’s rumoured budget iPhone were shown online this week to an excited audience. The pictures appear to show an entry level phone, developed for potential customers in evolving mobile markets. These areas of growth are comprised of people who want the iPhone but aren’t willing or able to meet the high price set by the American brand.

For mobile marketers, the launch of a budget iPhone is an exciting prospect. Many of the new iOS users will be eagerly accessing social media networks and the various forms of mobile-friendly content.

In its tech blog, Tactus claims to have the only image of what it says is the rear casing of the device. It is thought that the entry level phone could potentially be in the hands of customers by the end of 2013. If this proves to be true, it could have a massive impact on several key emerging markets.

The image hints at some of the potential features of the device. The casing appears to be a quality polycarbonate, in contrast to the aluminium used on the iPhone 5. However, the material still appears to be stylish and desirable, with the famous shining logo also present. From what can be seen, the budget iPhone is likely to be physically larger than the iPhone 4S.

With Apple’s next evolution of its flagship device, the iPhone 5S, likely to hit the market in June, speculation is rife about the potential release date for the budget version. However, with no official announcement, speculation remains simply that.