Improve Website Conversion Rates

Posted by Pushonltd Pushonltd

Far too many people want to get more traffic to their website when what they should be looking at first is how to make the most out of the traffic they already get.

Masses of traffic is pointless if you don’t convert it into sales, leads or repeat visitors. It’s so easy to find what you want online, if you make it difficult for your users, then they will go elsewhere and they won’t come back.

Justin Palmer has written an excellent checklist to help improve your E-commerce conversion rates.

Another thing to consider is creating useful, regularly updated content for your users.  This has a three fold benefit:

  1. You have the opportunity to appear in search results for a larger quantity of search terms related to your industry/products/services
  2. People will come back later to see what other useful stuff you have to offer
  3. People will link to you (this helps increase the number of referrals you get & your search engine rankings)