Key UK research and polling organisation YouGov, has cautioned that excitement over a possible explosion in the take-up of internet-friendly TV sets in 2012, may prove to be based on over-optimistic expectations.

YouGov argues that TVs capable of receiving internet signals – so-called ‘smart TVs’ – will be purchased by just 15% of UK consumers next year.

YouGov does concede, however, that the take-up of smart TV sets could be given something of a fillip by two key factors.

The first of these is the expected heavy cultural dominance in 2012 of the year’s two massive sporting events: the London Olympics, and the European Football Championships. Coinciding with the proposed launch of Google TV (Google’s anticipated smart TV brand), these will, according to YouGov, boost take-up of smart TV sets to a greater degree than would otherwise be the case.

The second factor which, according to YouGov, could encourage further purchases of smart TVs is, however, currently only something of a ‘wish list’ item: the availability of more broadcast-exclusive content over the internet.

YouGov points to a poll showing that 36% of UK consumers between 18 and 24 would consider buying a smart TV set if their favourite TV shows were also available over the web.

YouGov’s media consulting director, Dan Brilot, commented on the need for organisations such as Google to work to try and make such desirables a reality:

“Smart content producers must…make it…easier for people to watch what they want, when they want, wherever they want”.