A marketing expert has suggested that there is a new trend in SEO emerging.

According to Fuel Marketing’s Scott Levy, online marketing, whilst deeply embedded in social media, now has to be inspirational and motivational. He also explained that Twitter has rapidly emerged as the channel of choice for this new type of marketing, saying:

“Twitter has become the channel for the new motivational micro-speech.”

Twitter’s peculiar relationships between those that lead and those that follow is proving to be the ideal vehicle for inspirational and motivational marketing tactics. Levy explains further:

“I guess that’s a way of saying that to maintain leadership you need to figure out ways to keep a following interested. But do people need motivating and inspiring in 140 characters, several times a day?”

Levy believes the relationship between the leaders and followers on Twitter has become therapeutic. It has become a kind of motivational discourse in 140 characters or less.

A growing group of social media manipulators are interspersing tweets with warming and inspiring platitudes.

Haydn Shaughnessy of Forbes magazine finds the concept alien, saying:

“I would never think of it as my role to communicate with you [the twitter follower] in these ways. Yet it seems to be part of the packaging of a social media leader.”

Levy himself isn’t as prolific with his motivational tweets as others, despite extolling the need to reveal personality but does mix them amongst his regular tweets. He continues to offer a mixed content revealing news stories and involving himself in discussions. However, Levy ensures his followers receive their therapeutic dose at regular intervals.