A new online security system has been rolled out by Norse Corp for sites using WordPress. This will be good news for over 69 million website managers, who use the CMS to power their website.

The new security tool will scan for existing and known security threats and will also scan for new and unknown security threats.

Many businesses operating online are plagued by the hackers and phishers. However, the new tool will be available to help website managers protect their websites. Norse Corp’s IPVenger is designed to analyse web traffic and security issues globally in real time.

Tommy Stiansen of Norse Corp said:

“Today’s security solutions lack the computing power to process the massive volume of Internet security threats that are out there and constantly changing. IPVenger makes it possible to secure their websites more effectively.”

Norse Corp’s CEO, Sam Glines, further explained that many open source platforms have been targeted by online criminal activity. As such, he believes that SMEs need to be prepared to defend their sites against the sort of activity that can cause sites to be closed for significant periods of time; which in turn can affect profits, reputation and SEO rankings.

Norse Corp’s IPVenger is aimed at protecting users of WordPress, and other open source channels. The system can provide protection for cloud accounts and has been developed with SEO-friendly programming. It will work as a WordPress plug-in and will scan traffic on a continuous basis, operating in true real-time. It aims to block a security issue before it damages a website.