The UK’s advertising trade body, ISBA, has recently undertaken a study of digital marketing in the UK. The study found that the way in which companies structure their efforts to capitalise on the rapidly developing digital channels is a key priority.

With an increasing array of digital channels, the responsibility for an area such as social media is no longer simply part of the digital marketing team’s remit. This responsibility now needs to be held by all members of the company.

The study points to the fact that marketing teams need to be more integrated. All marketing executives need to understand online and mobile marketing. They should be aware of the ways in which their advertising and marketing plans can be executed through digital channels.

The findings suggest that marketing executives should ensure that all parts of the marketing team, from digital to otherwise, are working together if they are to optimise their online marketing presence. Regardless of the need for closer integration, the study found that it is likely to be hampered by a lack of knowledge from many business leaders.

Another priority for UK advertisers which was highlighted by the study is the need to exploit the boom in mobile device sales. Marketing executives and advertising consultants face the challenge of creating a relevant experience for consumers using these devices and the study suggests that advertising companies are keen to capitalise on these platforms this year.

ISBA warns that with the mobile explosion comes the problem of tracking. The study has shown that marketing executives need a thorough understanding of how to best utilise digital tracking and measurement.