This summer, to coincide with Ramadan, will see ‘Salamworld’ being launched, a social network which will be run according to the principles of Islam.

The launch is being made in order to cater for the growing number of Muslim users there are on the Internet today. The organisers hope to see in the region of 50 million users within the first five years.

Initially, the site will launch with eight languages, including Arabic, English and Urdu. Others will be included at later dates, according to demand in geographical locations.

The fundamental difference between standard social networks and Salamworld will be the controls that are in place.

All content deemed offensive will be filtered out, whilst inciteful language and anything alluding to extreme political views will be treated in much the same way.

Abdulvahed Niyazo, one of the owners of the venture said:

“The content that is being used on other social networks is not very secure and full of haram (material which is forbidden).”

Forbidden material as ruled by Islamic law can be extremely far ranging. It can be applied to anything from opinions to music videos. Some have suggested it is tantamount to censorship of freedom of speech. However, Salamworld’s PR Director, Jawus Selim Kurt, refutes this saying:

“We don’t censor, and there will of course be the same kind of freedom users enjoy on other sites… Every freedom in the world has its boundaries.”

It will certainly be an eagerly watched project, which other belief and religious group could replicate if successful.