In an announcement which placed just a few days earlier would have had most shouting April Fools!, Google has released details of an Augmented Reality (AR) glasses project.

It came by way of their social network page on Google+ and has asked for feedback.

The included video, for ‘Project Glass’, shows a sleekly styled pair of glasses with a microphone and partially transparent right-eye video screen lens.

The video explains that the concept would present icons on the video lens when the glasses are put on, offering the user access to information and services.

Services considered include a diary, weather updates, a text messaging system and a camera. Access to them would be via some kind of user action.

The video goes on to explain the device would have GPS, allowing location information to be sent and received.

There have been rumours that such a project was in development for some time, though this is the first official mention by the Californian company. It is one of the most exciting developments for AR.

Whilst companies recognise the potential for personalised advertising that the technology promises, it has failed to capture wide-scale public imagination, largely due to problems in delivery.

These glasses, if successful and affordable, could let flow a vast revenue stream.

The project, conceived by experimental department Google X, is still clearly in an embryonic phase, with there being no indications as to how much the device would cost, or its potential release date.