So our 2006 visit to Las Vegas and San Jose is over now. Here’s a brief run down of what we got up to.

HelicoptersSunday 12th November – Helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon

Like a couple of kids we were all excited about the trip to the Grand Canyon. I think we were more excited about the helicopter ride than the Grand Canyon really.

Monday 13th November – Propel meeting in San Jose

PropelOn Monday we flew out to San Jose to meet with Propel. Propel are a software company based in the Silicon Valley part of California. It was all very exciting, as we traveled from the airport to the Propel offices we passed the ebay head quarters which was huge. The people at Propel were lovely and made us feel very welcome. Propel have developed what we feel is the best dial up accelerator product on the market and we’ll be delivering the product in the UK under the NetFury brand. So before long you’ll be able to purchase a great dial up accelerator that will speed up dial up, speed up broadband and speed up email via the NetFury website.

Tuesday 14th November – Opening Day of PubCon

The opening day of PubCon was a little disappointing. Registration was disorganised and a queue stretching a good 100 meters was visible. Apart from the keynote speech from Guy Kawasaki the day didn’t offer much of worth.

Wednesday 15th November – 2nd Day of PubCon and Circus De Soleil

The 2nd day of PubCon was much better. Me and Simon split up for many of the sessions to maximise the knowledge learned. I’ll be writing up my notes in a later Blog. In the evening we went to see Kaa which is a Circus De Soleil production at the MGM Grand. The show was amazing and Simon has been converted to a theater goer by the experience.

Thursday 16th November – 3rd Day of PubCon and some time at the tables

PubCon turned out to be another informative day and the final 2 sessions featured some big names from the Major search Engines. The search engine Smack Down in the final session featured talks from Yahoo Google (Matt Cutts) ASK and Live (Formerly MSN Search). The big announcment was that all of these search engines have agreed to use the sitemaps protocol which will aid webmasters to keep them informed of the structure of their sites.

Thursday evening I managed to get some time on the Casino tables and walked away $350 from the Texas Hold ‘Em World Tornament table which was nice.

Friday 17th November – Pub time for PubCon and shopping for gifts

There were no official sessions for PubCon on the friday just a get together at the Nine Fine Irishman pub and a bar sponsored by Ask. We popped a long for a couple of drinks (well it would have been rude not to) and then spent the afternoon shopping for gifts. I won’t mention the fact that I had pre-purchased tickets for David Copperfield and the MGM Grand for the evening show and managed to miss it because I got the time wrong……..oh I just did, DOH!