Facebook to Introduce the Descendants of the ‘Like’

The Story

Facebook will soon be unveiling the descendants of the much loved ‘like’ button. Used as a statement of intent, Facebook is now offering users the option of adding clarity to that intent by offering buttons for ‘Want’, ‘Own’, ‘Played and more. These buttons will be offered to both advertisers and websites that use Facebook plug-ins.

What Does it Mean for Advertisers?

Advertisers LOVE data; especially data that helps to determine buying habits of their target audience. These new options will allow advertisers to target users based on what they want or what they already own (to name a few). This could offer advertisers the chance to:

  • Target users that ‘want’ a competitor’s product with a similar product
  • Target users that already own a product of their brand with further products
  • Target owners for reviews which would no doubt be propagated to their friends’ news feeds

What Does it Mean for Users?

Users will be even more privy to their friends’ purchasing habits which may in turn influence their own.

More information on the new Facebook action buttons.

Google Knowledge Graph

Google are changing (for a change) the way that they understand queries. They want to understand true meaning behind queries and offer related search attributes based on that meaning. Take a look at exactly how they intend to do it using the Google Knowledge Graph.

Men are Better at Remembering Stuff (well… mobile ads)

You know women are better at everything, especially multi-tasking and being organised etc? Well, at last men are better at something – remembering mobile advertisements. According to eMarketer, 69% of men aged 18-29 remember seeing an ad on their phone, compares to just 42% of women. Well done men.

Remember it.

Enhanced PPC Ads

Google have announced enhanced sitelinks for PPC ads. After testing, Google have said CTR is much improved with enhanced sitelinks, which is unsurprising given the amount of space given for them. Find out more about enhanced sitelinks for PPC.

Inbound.org Launches

Rand Fishkin and Dharmesh Shah have launched a new inbound marketing news website, HURRAH! The content will be provided by everyday marketers, SEO’s, bloggers etc. By the community, for the community. It is already proving popular with over 1500 submitted posts within it’s first few days. Head over to inbound.org to check it out yourself.