Wanted: High Quality Sites – Reward Given

The Story

Codenamed “Google Penguin”, the algorithm follows Google’s last large-scale change (“Panda”), this time targeting webspam in the search engine results.

What does it mean for SEO’s?

Well firstly, you are likely seeing quite a few fluctuations if you are monitoring keyword rankings for any websites. With a number of low-quality websites now identified and “devalued” by the Penguin update, some of the more genuine websites have experienced healthy jumps in visibility.

If you were previously using some “darker” SEO techniques, then you may want to start cutting back unless you want to risk being affected by this latest update (if you haven’t been already!).

What does it mean for users?

As Google is intending, I fully expect a huge amount of spam filled websites dominating the SERPs to lose rankings, providing a higher quality of search results.

For more information, check out the Official Google Webmaster Central blog.

Another Informed Round-up

If you don’t quite know what to make of Google’s version of what the ‘penguin update’ will include, why not see what the guys at Search Engine Land have to say about it.

Wrongly Bitten by the Penguin?

No doubt there’ll be plenty of websites that are wrongly accused of webspam, with owners completely helpless and without a clue of where to turn. Fear not! Head of Google’s webspam operation has informed that there’s a handy form for you to plead your innocence with.

Still annoyed about that spammy competitor that’s unfairly dominating the SERPs using underhand tactics? There’s also a form for that.

htaccess Hacks You Need to Know

htaccess files can bring about a whole world of confusion if you don’t know what you’re doing, so how about a simple guide? Well, makeitrank.com have provided a handy list of 10 useful hacks.

Puis-je avoir un lien s’il vous plaît?

Or ‘can I have a link please?’ in English (at least, that’s what Google Translate says). SEO in foreign languages is still very much an unknown to the majority. Can you not just use Google Translate to translate all of your existing target terms? NO YOU CAN’T.

Luckily, SEOmoz have recently posted some great tips to get you started with SEO in other languages. Merci.

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