Last Week in Digital – WC 6.2.12

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Groupon Posts Loss in Fourth Quarter

The Story

Who would have guessed it? Just over a year ago Groupon turned down a hefty $6billion offer from Google – which they duly rejected, citing ambitions of building the company independently.Well so far it’s going swimmingly as they have just posted a loss of $43 million in the fourth quarter of the year. Whilst revenue has grown by a staggering 194% to $507 million, huge expenditure on advertising among other things have left them once again firmly within the red.

What Does it Mean for Groupon?

The announcement alone doesn’t mean too much as lots of big companies post losses. This is different though. When they turned down the extraordinary offer, Groupon were the new kids on the block offering a product unlike anyone else. The business itself had gone viral, becoming a household name based on the generous discounts they could offer. Since then, that market has been saturated with thousands of similar companies using the same business model. Now Groupon doesn’t seem so special. Yes, in terms of brand awareness, Groupon still dominates but these companies are only as good as their offers, and with similar offerings throughout the market, its hard to see how Groupon will recoup a return anywhere near the offer from Google.

What Does it Mean for Users?

Nothing. In short – if Groupon ceases to exists, there is a market full to the brim offering the same product.

More info on Groupon’s financial loss announcement

Shopping Cart Abandonment Infographic

There’s no greater pain from an e-commerce perspective than when you’ve managed to:

  1. Drive a prospective customer to your website
  2. They have successfully navigated your website
  3. They have selected a product and made the decision to purchase it
  4. They have added the product to their basket

…and then after all that they decide not to complete the purchase. To keep your e-commerce manage from ripping their hair out (and probably yours too) here’s a great infographic to help optimise the whole payment process.

Google Introduce Sitelink Arrows

As is the life of SEO’s, something minute has changed in the SERP’s and we all excited. This time they’ve implemented some tiny arrows next to sitelinks within the SERP’s.

Take a look at the arrows implemented within Google’s SERP’s

Bing Testing New Results Design

In the same vein, Bing are testing out a new design for their SERP’s. It looks much cleaner and fresher.

Take a look at Bing’s new SERP design

TIP: How to Build an Advanced Keyword Analysis Report in Excel

Dan Peskin has posted a great ‘how to’ on SEOmoz to help analyse keyword data from multiple places (Analytics, Adwords, Webmaster Tools, etc.).

Take a look at how to build and advanced keyword analysis report in excel