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Adsense Enabled In Feeds

Recently I have been working on updating a number of Pushon’s internal revenue generating assets such as and As well as updating the sites for organic search purposes I have been looking at revenue generating mediums such as Google Adsense. This led to me discover that Google is now offering services for incorporating… Continue reading

Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Professional

Well, I’m pretty happy that I’m now a Google AdWords Professional… I’ve been basking in my highly qualified glory, and crowbarring it into as many conversations as possible. But at the risk of biting the hand that feeds me, I have some “opportunities for improvement” for Google. The revision for the exam took a fair… Continue reading

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Microsoft Tool

Microsoft have got some great tools in their adCenter Labs which can help target potential customers and improve Pay Per Click (PPC) Adverts. However, it’s comforting to see that their Ad Text Writer demonstrates that not everything in this shiny new digital world can be automated. Here are some of the suggested PPC adverts their… Continue reading

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