Viral Marketing VideoWhen does a video become viral? To my mind it’s at the point when it starts propagating outside your direct sphere of influence. So until you reach that point it’s something of misnomer to use the term “viral” until you see evidence of traffic being generated from outside your efforts. At the moment we seem to be just on the cusp of the video reaching authority sites 2 steps removed from us. So how have we got to that point?

Various approaches we planned included:

  • Existing Trust Networks such as forums we have presence on
  • Authority Forums
  • Social Bookmarking
  • The good old telephone
  • E-mail marketing
  • and some other angel dust

One of the points to this exercise is to learn lessons. One lesson we have learnt is to test, test, test. We didn’t test our social bookmarking early enough. It wasn’t working. Not great.

So far YouTube has been very good. Best of all though is forums where we are known. People who know what you do are interested in what you do. Seems to have generated some direct leads which wasn’t the objective but certainly is appreciated. We’ve spent some money on paid for reviews as well. We’re students of the wisdom of Aaron Wall. He’s running a review service called, strangely enough, ReviewMe. We asked for a mixed range of review at various prices. 1 rejected the opportunity pretty quickly, which was fine as the material could be seen as contentious. Another one reviewed and seemed to like what we’ve done. We got immediate traffic as well. We’ve also started generating linkage from authority websites as well. Now that’s what I like to see.

As I write, it’s late in the UK. I can watch the rest of the world waking up via our stats as new people, generally in the English speaking world follow links into the video. I really had best get some sleep.