Over 20 industry speakers are expected to attend an SEO and online marketing event in Leeds on Wednesday 18th April, at The Carriageworks theatre and conference centre in the city.

The one day event will have its focus on search engine optimisation, with many representatives for the world of search speaking at the event. The search engine Google will also be sending a speaker and his comments are likely to be listened to with great interest by attendees.

Many will be hoping that Matt Bush, an Ad Agency head at the firm, will shed light on how best to gain high results in the SERPs.

The UK is becoming something of a centre for the online search industry, as the whole digital sector thrives and grows in the country.

Such is the London-centric way in which much of the press operates, it would be easy to consider the capital as the centre for all digital growth. However, this is not the case.

With lower ground rents and reduced costs in other areas, it is the northern cities of England that are seeing the highest rates of growth in the sector.

There are also many university students interested in working in the digital sectors, particularly in social media, so this is helping to control salary costs too.

As well as Leeds, there are clear centres of excellence across Cheshire, in Liverpool and in Manchester. With the BBC’s MediaCity opening in earnest in Salford this week, such a trend looks likely to continue.