Toy giant Lego has been encouraging its senior managers to learn about social media and to then take an exam on the subject. This policy is aimed at ensuring they understand how important consumer communications are.

Lars Silberbauer, director of social media for Lego, said:

“Everyone in a company needs to get what it is to be social.”

Silberbauer further explained that Lego has implemented the scheme for all Lego employees who interact with social media. As a result of its popularity, many members of the company’s senior management team have opted to join the training. The short course culminates in a theory and practical test.

When undertaking the practical section of the course, participants create a post to send to Lego’s Facebook page. Silberbauer explains:

“You see the nervousness around the room when they see they need to communicate with customers… but when they get 500 likes, that’s when they realise what social media’s all about.”

However, Silberbauer was keen to stress that Lego is aware that the social media is more than simply attracting ‘likes’. He claims its social media strategy is effective in branding, increasing sales, engaging customers and protecting the company’s reputation.

Indeed, Silberbauer gave an example of social media marketing in which Lego had run a Facebook-based promotion and achieved significant results in less than seven hours. This was done purely via its main Facebook page without any additional advertising spend.

Silberbauer is convinced Lego has the key to social media marketing and that other companies are lagging behind. According to Silberbauer, social media is about making connections not simply filling pushing content.