I'm In Like With YouI heard quite a good quote today that inspired me to write this post…

“When does stalking become romance”

It was said in a way to suggest it was the natural progression; but having thought about it, there are so many social media sites out there, and everyone I’ve spoken to who participates has admitted to some degree of MySpace or Facebook Stalking.

I'm In Like With You

I’ve been looking at a new community site which has a very different interaction style – I’m In Like With You which looks at online dating and meeting new people in a very different light. You set up a game, which might be a question or joke and invite people to bid with points and an answer. Social Networking Flirt

It’s in an invitation only ‘Beta’ version (which seems very trendy at the moment!); and the twist is that you can’t speak to someone unless they win your game or you win theirs. This gets people to think of an interesting or unique introduction, but gives optional queues for the less imaginative.

More to follow I’m sure, watch this space…