We really like Google. They’ve done a lot for our business in that they are one of the reasons that we exist; So that people can make sense of them. Now. Adsense is a great way of generating revenue. Basically, you can put contextually appropriate adverts on your website. If a visitor to your website clicks on one of the adverts, you generate some revenue. We use it on our ISP sites. Some of the search terms used to find internet service providers are very similar to those you would use to find mobile phones, ie Pay as you go. We get hits from people looking for phone deals so we use Adsense to point them at what they are looking for and we make a few pennies. those few pennies add up to quite a lot of easy pounds over the year. One of our good friends, Malcolm at 360 Spin now makes a significant additonal revenue using Adsense in addition to doing some remarkable photography.
Anyhow, to the point. The busisness of Google Search is relevance. What is the best list of results that Google can provide? What are the most relevant results for a query that they can list? This is what made Google the search engine of choice. However the thrust of adsense seems to be just a little in conflict. Take as an example the view inside Adsense from the Adsense blog is great intelligence, but it seems to me heavily focussed on customising your content on your site for the purpose of driving traffic through Adsense ads.

So we have the contradiction of whether relevance rules the roost or revenue reigns.

I should have been a poet.

It strikes me that Google is getting quite obviously huge and taking up contradictory positions. The beauty of Google has always been that it was clean in every way. Is this confusion the first indication of a chinck that may be exploited by the growing competition?