The forthcoming results of research carried out on consumer media interaction via the collaboration of two of the UK’s leading measurement and analysis organisations are being widely seen as likely to provide the most comprehensive data yet on online mobile usage in the UK.

What makes the joint ComScore and UK Online Measurement Company (UKOM) data so eagerly anticipated is the combination of UKOM’s focus on research into general online consumption – along with ComScore’s capacity to quantify mobile usage via its Mobile Media Metrics (MMM) arm.

Areas of interest likely to be quantified by the combined research data are said to include patterns in the deleting of cookies and the relative popularity of internet logons via a mobile network in comparison with those carried out via Wi-Fi.

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) is also expected to include the joint ComScore/UKOM data as part of its TouchPoints measurement tool, which examines how effectively an advertiser’s digital campaigning complements its activity via more traditional media.

Commenting on the benefits of the combined research, the head of industry relations for ComsCore in Europe, Paul Goode, said:

“The media fragmentation that exists with consumers today across different screens is one of the biggest challenges for brands and agencies. Extra data can help them improve how they plan their campaigns.”

Many commentators are seeing the likely high demand for the new data as indicative of the central importance which mobile now holds for the advertising and marketing sectors.

The outcome of the joint research is expected to be formally presented to London agencies in early February.