Grabbing a potential customer’s attention through a website can be a tricky business, and finding the balance between ease of use and a design that encourages visitors to stay is complex. However, according to Andy Booth, an English web designer writing for the website Business 2 Community this month, there are several usability features that can be included in a site to keep visitors there.

When designing a filter for a site, keep it simple. There may be a myriad of options for a product but complicated filters have a tendency to put users off. It is also important to ensure the in-site search bar is easily located, since this is what any potential customer looking for a specific product will look for.

The use of images is important when trying to attract and keep new users. Quality needs to be excellent and the content relevant. Customers want to see as much of a product as possible. Indeed, where possible, including a video can prove effective.

In an ideal world, a customer will visit a site and make a purchase. To facilitate this and make it more likely, it is good practice to have an attractive and easily found shopping cart.

When customers make a purchase it is vitally important to highlight the final cost. Hidden delivery charges are likely to turn a customer away and see a sale lost.

Regardless of what plans and features are included, they will be for nothing if the site is bland and lacks any uniqueness. Originality is the best way to keep site visitors.