The UK division of global fast food giant, McDonalds, says the app the company launched less than a year ago has proved enormously popular and successful, with one million downloads of the app having already been secured.

Moreover, the company says, once downloaded, the app has continued to engage users, with overall statistics on the number of times the app has been opened currently standing at over 10 million.

Further analysis of activity around the app has revealed that every month the app is used by 10 per cent of McDonald’s UK customers, with usage peaking between 12 noon and 2pm, and between 5 and 7pm, every day.

The downloading of the app and its usage was being carried out by both iPhone and Android device owners.

The app was developed last year with the assistance of specialist software company, Grapple, and was designed, among other uses, to help smartphone owners order food from the UK division’s restaurants.

Commenting on the success of the app, however, McDonalds UK’s head of young adult marketing, Mel Savage, said that the software tool had wider uses than being simply a food ordering process. She said:

“Mobile is proving to be a popular channel to not only increase footfall to restaurant, but also provide easy access to additional information such as promotions, menus and nutrition information when customers are actually in our restaurants.”

Meanwhile, Grapple’s chief strategy officer, Adam Levene, said the app was designed to cater for the specific needs of the customer and demonstrated that ‘customer utility’ was the main determinant of successful mobile marketing.