Focussing initially on how Microsoft could be interacting with “you” throughout the day:
Mobile devices

Talking about AdCentre targeting, all the dayparting stuff and also incremental bidding based on age and gender.
Talking about the “bleach” case studies. Getting traffic that seemed odd for that term. 18-35 males were clicking on the Ads. Turns out that “Bleach” is a Singapore based manga. Not what they really wanted. Remedied via excluding “anime”, “manga”, excluded Singapore as an area. Ad copy was refined to focus on Chlorox bleach.

The Ad Centre demographic thingies really are rather sexy. Shame about search share. Must use their graphical stuff in presentations in future.

Ad Center Labs

Just mentioning the data set for AdCenter labs. Apparently there is A US skew but they should have a UK filter very soon.
They will be opening up the Keyword Services Platform via an API to third party developers. Ad Sage get an honourable mention for a widget they’ve built to work with the KSP.

Moving on to Photosynth which is just about as sexy as technology can get. It stiches photos together, whatever the viewpoint and gives you an immensely details renderring of an object or place. How might it be used? You take a photo of an object, the search engine understands what the picture is in the real world and feeds back info/directions/whatever related to that object. Sexy.

New Microsoft Analytics thing, Gatineau.

Quick mention for what they are doing with the way they deliver SERPS. Dave Naylor has some good preview stuff on his blog.