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Merton the "Chatroulette Piano Guy" to do T-Mobile Adverts in the UK

Merton – the YouTube video sensation that was made famous by his musical improvisation on Chatroulette – is now in the UK, and will be filming a series of videos for T-Mobile to be used as television adverts.

T-Mobile’s recent foray into viral advertising was the “Welcome Back” they filmed at Heathrow Terminal 5 in October, in which unsuspecting airline passengers were greeted with singing and dancing from people waiting in arrivals. Prior to that T-Mobile also did the highly successful T-Mobile Dance and last year’s sing-along in Trafalger Square.

Eyecandy Tweeted yesterday about Merton (aka the “Chatroulette Piano Guy”) being due to appear at Heathrow Terminal 5 on Wednesday (today), and then Merton himself also later Tweeted saying:

I’m in London, about to do a film project with T-Mobile in which I play a grand piano and sing to passengers at airports around the UK.

UPDATE – Thanks to close-up magician Andi Gladwin, we now have a short video and couple of pictures of Merton at Gatwick Airport yesterday:

Merton Chatroulette Piano Guy 1

Merton Chatroulette Piano Guy 2

The YouTube videos that Merton uploaded this year were genius, and each has received millions of views. You can see the first video he did embedded below.

If your passing through Heathrow airport today and catch a glimpse, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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  • Abid

    That’s awesome. Merton was hilarious in his ChatRoulette vids. He’s clearly talented.

  • Magician

    Merton was at the Gatwick south terminal earlier today. It was a very pleasant surprise to see him!

  • Kieron Hughes

    Sounds good Magician – Did you manage to get any pictures at all?

  • Magician

    Yes! And some video. Feel free to drop me an email and I’ll send them on.

  • Gift

    That’s so hilarious. I was smiling all the time.
    Good job man :)