In a move designed to appeal to its growing mobile readership, free commuter newspaper, Metro, has announced that it has instigated an immediate switch to responsive design for the online version of the popular title.

Responsive design – which enables the shape of any web-based page to adapt precisely to the dimensions of the particular screen on which the page is being viewed – is particularly apt for the smaller screens commonly associated with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

In its statement, Metro says the move to responsive design is all the more important given its firm belief that mobile users will soon make up the majority of its readership.

In adapting its site to accommodate responsive design, Metro is following a growing number of other news providers which are also choosing to go down what has been alternatively termed a ‘mobile first’ or a ‘device neutral’ route. Included among these is BBC News Online.

Meanwhile, those using the revamped site comment on how it now simulates the experience of reading a traditional printed newspaper – with the capacity to either swipe through different articles using a mobile device or to click through to each of them when using a desktop machine.

In addition, the homepage of the new site now deploys an image-based menu, which can also be used to navigate to a particular news article.

Each issue is said to be updated with new stories as the day progresses – with replacement selections chosen on the basis of their popularity on social media sites, or simply as a result of editorial judgment.