Sometimes it seems to me that Microsoft’s mission in life is to make everything as difficult for everybody possible, including themselves. The rather kind and lovely people who provide our technical support are Axon IT. They are Microsoft certified Gold Partners. Every year they have to submit references from clients like us and the odd case study, which is all very good. So they asked us to provide references which we are delighted to do. The process is that Microsoft then emails us to ask us to confirm those references, which is also good. What is not so good is how badly Microsoft interacts with the “client” First of all, we are web people. Clearly we use Firefox. That is the law. The verification site will not work in Firefox, I suspect it wont work in Safari, Opera etc. So that’s perhaps 20% of web users they’re alienating. I should mention that I got the mail through my webmail client.

Microsoft Error

I had to because somewhere either in the SBS or in Outlook, it’s been decided that they really don’t like mail from Microsoft and have binned it. That is Microsoft products deciding that mail from Microsoft is spammy. Possibly. Finally I work myself up to opening webmail in IE7 and then clicking on the link to verify. I wait…….and wait…….and wait…… and then Microsoft’s site returns an “unforeseen error”. Hmmm. I’m not getting a great view of these things Microsoft.