In recent month’s Microsoft has had its fair share of disasters in the search field including the recent failure of its much fabled analytics package. Despite these failure and being overshadowed by its bigger and more powerful competitors Microsoft has the ability to create the odd gem or two. Of course i am referring to Microsoft’s new PubCentre, which is still in limited beta mode.

PubCenter is Microsoft’s answer to Google Adsense however it offers some much bigger benefits over its rivals, namely its customisation abilities. Early testing has shown a great level of appreciation for the customisable options which allow publishers to set a look and feel for each ad. This flexibility gives the freedom that many loyal adsense users have long dreamed of.

The new scheme not only answers publishers prayers but also those of advertisers. They should get access to a much wider range of sites to advertise on and be able to increase the impression and possible click through rates on the ads. The scheme offers benefits to many however it all comes down to its uptake. Will people leave Adsense. When Performancing Ads was launched initial uptake was fairly high though it never really made a significant impact on Google Adsense. Microsoft of course has a much more advanced system with a greater presence in the market place.

I think it will be interesting to watch developments over the next few months and i personally hope the scheme takes off. This is because i really like Microsoft’s Adcenter and think it is a much over looked option for advertisers. The system is not only cheap but it is also extremely easy to integrate data from other sources such as Adwords.

  • Rose@Legal Articles

    Competition is always good for the consumers because there will be no monopoly. All I can say is ‘Hurry up, Performancing Ads!’

  • Ben

    Google will crush Microsoft’s system. No webmaster can afford to annoy Google. All Google would have to do is spread a rumour that sites displaying Microsoft ads have been dropped. No one would ever swap.

    Microsoft’s system is doomed already. The interface is slow, ads takes days to get approved and volumes are low. They should stick to what they know best, which is bundling with Windows. That’s their last hope. Maybe Windows 7 Free Edition with built in ads.

  • Liam

    Ben, but then you would have Google complaining of antitrust issues like they did with Vista and desktop search. Urgh… don’t get me started on Google vs. Microsoft. Pot calling the kettle black comes to mind.

  • Ben

    Liam, you are right about the anti-trust but Microsoft have deep pockets and can fight these anti trust things for years. Better to steal ideas, abuse market position and pay later then to lose ground on competitors.

    Even if they did bundle I still think they will lose. Cheap clicks for advertisers means low commissions for publishers. There would be no incentive for anyone to swap. No one is going to use Pubcenter, even if Google allowed it.