Mobile usage is on the increase year on year and has become a larger part of how people communicate with peers, marketing and companies. Experts predict that users will be transitioning from desktop computers to increasingly using mobile devices for online usage.

Research from Cisco has suggested that data flow for mobile devices will increase by more than 65% over the next four years, with a prediction of more than 11 exabytes of usage per month before 2018.

Experts are equally as optimistic about growth in mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is expected to at a rate of around 46%, annually, and is expected to increase its presence from less than 7% this year to more than 20% before 2017.

Also as prolific in its growth, and predicted growth, are mobile payments. Mobile payments are expected to see annual growth of close to 50% over the next four years.

As a result of the predicted increases in mobile usage and data streaming, experts are warning marketers that they need to ensure they are maintaining and growing customer relationships within the platform.

It is suggested that marketers ensure emails, which are increasingly likely to be read on a mobile device, are optimised for smart phones and tablets. Experts suggest that if email load times, exacerbated by difficulty displaying images and content, are slow, users are unlikely to access and be affected by the message.

In order to capture the wave of mobile marketing opportunities emerging over the next few years, marketers need to embrace newer tracking technologies for devices.