A recently published study has revealed that UK advertisers are set to more than double their spending on the use of in-app advertising, with consumers continuing to spend on their mobiles.

The research by Strategy Analytics predicts that brands will spend more than £305m through the course of 2012 on all forms of mobile marketing.

Display advertising is set to see a 50% increase in spend, whilst in-app advertising spend will increase by nearly 110%. This means that this year is likely to be the first that revenues from in-app advertising exceed that generated by display advertising on the mobile web.

There are no signs of things slowing down either.

The huge increase is driven by the growing love affair that British consumers have with apps. In short, they simply cannot get enough.

By the end of 2012, the study suggests that nearly £560m will be spent on mobile apps, representing more than a quarter of the total spent on mobile content.

Announcing the findings, David MacQueen from Strategy Analytics said:

“…apps are what consumers are glued to for an increasing range of [smartphone] activities.”

The attraction of apps is easy to understand, with them offering a quick and convenient way to access relevant information. That most provide this in a fun and comfortable way too, is another benefit.

These huge projections come on the back of huge rises in mobile marketing in the previous 12 months. The Internet Advertising Bureau in March said that spend increased 157% in 2011.