Whilst small is often considered beautiful when it comes to consumer technologies, a recent survey has pointed to important qualifications in terms of actual preferences among owners of mobile phone handsets.

The survey, by research organisation Strategy Analytics, found that whilst owners of smartphones in both the UK and US liked a thin handset design, they actually wished their display screens were larger.

The general preference among those surveyed was found to be a display screen measuring between 4 and 4.5 inches, larger in comparison with the screens on these owners’ existing models.

This desire for a larger screen was found among nearly 90% of those surveyed. Those wishing for a larger screen were also generally insistent however that their ideal handset should still retain the same degree of thinness as their current model.

According to Paul Brown, one of Strategy Analytics’ directors in its User Experience Practice, the strong desire for larger screens among smartphone users reflects the increased number of services and applications that mobile devices can now access. These, he said, included greater opportunities for internet surfing, and the availability of high quality gaming and video content.

The survey did however identify some variation in handset size preference when analysing the survey responses against gender and brand ownership variables.

Females, for example, were found to be more prepared to opt for a handset size that was relatively smaller than that generally preferred by males.

Likewise, owners of Android devices were identified in the survey as being more drawn to larger handsets than iPhone users.