Fast food pizza franchise Domino’s has announced that during the summer months, the orders it took via the Internet overtook those it received over the phone – reportedly the first time such a development has been witnessed by the company.

Domino’s says that the stronger performance of online sales over the company’s traditional telephone-based ordering platform is at least partly down to the marked growth in smartphone usage in the UK.

According to the company’s officially released figures, 58 per cent of orders over the July to September quarter were made via the Internet – a contribution which accounted for £62.8m of the company’s total sales revenue.

The equivalent proportion of Internet sales over the same period for 2011 was 46.5 per cent.

Domino’s says that smartphone ordering made up 18.5 per cent of its total web-based sales receipts – a performance also likely to have been helped by Domino’s own dedicated smartphone ordering app.

All in all, total sales for the company during the period stood at £136m – a rise of 7.9 per cent. The company’s strong performance is also believed to have benefitted from consumers staying in over the summer – through a combination of wet weather and various sporting events.

The company’s performance however still disappointed market analysts, who compared the results with the more favourable outcome witnessed between January and June this year.

Some commentators say however that this relatively weaker performance could be at least partly attributable to lower national advertising activity by Domino’s, when compared with that undertaken in 2011.