New research carried out by YouGov suggests as many as three quarters of Brits could be connecting to the internet or using mobile devices whilst watching the television.

These are the findings of the 2011 Social TV Trends Report, commissioned by PR firm Diffusion.

Surveying 2,025 consumers, 76 percent of TV viewers said they “media stacked” (used two or more media devices simultaneously).

Most popular, was surfing the internet, with 62 percent of respondents claiming to do this. Of these, 38 percent said they regularly used Facebook.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most active group was the 18 -24 age group. Here, 49 percent said they commented on Facebook whilst watching shows, with 12 percent using Twitter.

Nearly half of all surveyed, (46 percent), said they used their mobile phone whilst watching the TV. Once again, 18 – 24 years olds were the largest users, with 42 percent texting and 18 percent instant messaging.

In essence, it is the modern day equivalent of a family or friends gathering round the TV to watch a show, with discussions often centred on the likes of The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing.

Major sporting events too are a magnet, with many messages being read out by commentators live on air.

For companies looking to more effectively target their mobile and online marketing, the information could be invaluable. Not just for large companies either.

By designing campaigns which tie in with popular TV shows, they are more likely to provoke a positive response. This is most certainly the case with real time campaigns, where skilled pro-active SEO writers could be used to great effect.