We’ve been playing with using the various rich content social sites as part of our marketing campaigns for our clients for quite a while now. We’ve not done all that much for oursleves though. However, we’ve been starting to deliver some rather fun rich media content which we think this might be a rather good channel for. There is of course the now legendary (ish) PushON video. Soon to follow is the Soundtrack podcast. That’s a diferent kettle of fish all together. So clearly you need a some kind of vehicle to take this rich media form you. It’s taking the content to the user in smaller ponds if you like, rather than trying to be a big fish in the Ocean that is Google. Of course these ponds feed into the Ocean. mm, perhaps I’m labouring the analogy a little too much. Anyhoo, there’s a lot of strategic thinking to be done about where to place the content and when. Clearly we’re after linkage. Quality linkage as well. So ideally we want to have our videos available via the site. Our thinking at the moment is hosting the video via YouTube, which also gets round the issues of loading our servers if the demand for video gets a little heavy. We can then pull it into the site and then our initial marketing effort can be to the site itself. We then push the content to the PushON Myspace online marketing account. Now, if it was text, I’d worry about a duplicate content penalty with that approach but as far as I know, we’re safe at the moment. Clearly each centre of content (Google Video, MySpace, YouTube, Squidoo etc)  will have their own opportunities. Which works best? I don’t know but this provides us with some opportunities.

So if you’re one of those Teens with a MySpace account, c’mon, give us an add!!