While quick response (QR) codes have been seen by many as an innovative marketing tool likely to grow in use among advertisers across the globe, there are still several applications emerging which claim to more than rival QR codes for potential market supremacy.

The latest contender for glory in this area is a new iPhone app from Casio called PicapiCamera.

Some commentators are saying that PicapiCamera could impact significantly on the use of QR codes through its greater ease and flexibility of use.

Like QR codes, which are also dependent on an app, PicapiCamera requires the user to point their mobile device at a specially ‘coded’ area of a printed page or poster in order to automatically connect to a website, where additional information is then accessed.

While the active QR code area is restricted to a small black and white coded square, PicapiCamera is said to be able to make use of a wider area consisting of special configurations of the red, blue and green (RGB) dots used in all standard printed matter.

Not only does Casio claim that the active web link area accessible via its new app can be made far wider than that of a QR code, it also says that iPhone users do not need to aim their phone as close to this active area as they would do when scanning a QR code.

It remains to be seen whether these two qualities alone will make PicapiCamera more frequently used by consumers than QR codes.