In a recent investigation undertaken by email marketing company GetResponse, figures demonstrate that nearly 25% of emails were opened in the initial 60 minutes after receipt.

In the following 60 minutes, that figure falls to less than 12%. As a result of the survey, GetResponse suggests that marketing executives should begin to look at using the evolving email marketing methods more effectively.

By the end of 2012, over 50% of mobile users used their phones for email, with nearly 90% of these users doing so every day. This usage is expected to increase over the next 12 months. Due to this change in the way emails are read, GetResponse believes it is crucial that companies format emails in a mobile friendly way. A spokesperson from the company said:

“It is imperative that customers can access your landing page, website and any other links within the email from any device.”

In addition to adapting the format of marketing emails, GetResponse also suggests emailing during the weekends. The investigation found that more emails are opened, and more links are clicked, on weekend mornings.

When addressing emails, BusinessWeek suggests that friendlier subject lines are most successful. It explained that avoiding the normal terms used by marketers can lead to curious subscription holders opening them.

When surveyed, over three quarters of people have a preference for receiving promotional material through their email account. However, according to ExactTarget, much of the marketing done this way has lost its innovative approach. The marketing provider suggests that companies can counter this by seeking out new ways to communicate promotions and avoid predictable terminology.