While browsing through my client list in Google Analytics today I noticed a “new” (may have just gone un-noticed) feature. Under the Advertising-Campaigns navigation is a new heading which is called clicks (see below)


New Google Analytics Clicks Feature

This new feature allows PPC advertisers to view Adwords data in Analytics such as spend, click through rate, average cost per click, return on investment and margin. This report can be run at campaign, ad group and keyword level. From a reporting perspective this is a lot easier as PPC managers can find everything in the one place, will save a lot of time and eliminate the need for endless VLOOKUP’s in Excel matching revenue against spend.

The headings that are listed in the report appear in the screenshot below.

Google Analytics Click Feature

While this is a great tool for PPC managers it is also a very insightful tool to use for new business. It is often common that a potential client will give access to their Google Analytics but not their Adwords. This is probably due to the fact that there may be several companies pitching for their business and they do not want them to alter their keywords or account in Adwords. This is very frustrating as it was impossible to gauge spend figures and forecast accurately. With this feature an agency can see key metrics such as spend, average cpc and click through rate which will help in forecasting revenue figures for the potential client.

Does anyone think that they will use this report or still create custom reports?