Yesterday Google launched a new performance bundle which allows advertisers to optimise and measure their Display Network campaigns more effectively. In an effort to further support advertisers this performance bundle is the first in a series to be launched by Google. The tools in this launch include Relative CTR, Content Ads Diagnostic Tool and the Unseen Impression Filter. Let’s take a look at these tools in further detail;

1. Relative CTR

For any advertiser that uses the Display Network it is hard to gauge whether your adverts are performing well, as you usually see high impressions and low clicks. To be honest the CTR on a Display Campaign is pretty meaningless as you cannot measure it against anything. Relative CTR shows your adverts performance in comparison to your competitors who advertise on the same pages. This is done using a quick calculation; if your CTR on the Google Display Network is 0.06% and your competitors is 0.02% your Relative CTR would be shown as 3x. (0.06%/0.02%).

This enables an advertiser to make decisions based on these results. 1x means that your adverts are performing pretty much the same as your competitors but if your campaign is showing below this e.g. 0.5x this might give you the incentive to increase bids, change ad text or test different creative. To view the Relative CTR in your Adwords account go to the “campaigns “ tab, click “customize columns” and check “relative CTR”. This can be found at campaign or ad group level.

2. The Content Ads Diagnostic Tool

In the past it was hard to keep track of where your adverts were showing across the Google Display Network. The Content Ads Diagnostic Tool tells you why your adverts are not showing and which placements that your adverts are showing for. This tool can be used to manage placements and you can also alter bids if you have lost an auction.

3. Unseen Impression Filter

When a user hits a landing page on the Display Network they sometimes only see above the fold and don’t bother scrolling down. This resulted in wasted budget for advertisers bidding on a CPM model. The Unseen Impression Filter makes sure that an advertiser is not charged for impressions that have a low probability of showing i.e. your advert is far down the page and the visitor must scroll to reach it.

These tools are useful for advertisers who use the Google Display Network and will entice advertisers who do not use it to test it.