A new worldwide association has been launched with the aim of establishing ethical standards across the mobile marketing research industry.

The Mobile Marketing Research Association (MMRA) says it will develop guidelines and a code of practice for its members in order to help promote a positive and responsible image for what is a rapidly growing area of consumer analysis and research.

It is also hoped that the association will provide a central forum where those in the industry can discuss topics and exchange ideas; whilst also acting as a single voice to speak out on behalf of its members’ interests.

The brainchild of marketing research expert, Mark Michelsen, and Merlien Institute founder, Jasper Lim, the MMRA has already attracted some key figures onto its board; including executives from marketing research companies such as Nielsen; representatives from technology companies such as OnDevice; and those from major retail clients such as General Mills.

The MMRA says its membership is also open to other interested bodies not directly involved in the commercial exploitation of mobile marketing research; including educators, students and trade media.

The MMRA emphasises on its website that its development of optimum research methods, coupled with a firm ethical grounding, is timely when, through the use of such shared media as photos, videos and instant messaging responses:

“mobile marketing research allows clients and researchers unprecedented access into the everyday lives of people around the world”

The MMRA says it wishes to help industry professionals:

“make research more meaningful for clients and enjoyable for participants”.