A new Google Labs tool has just been released that allows webmasters to view how much of a page can be seen at various screen resolutions. The tool, aptly named Browser Size, allows you to enter a web address which will appear under a visualisation of different screen resolutions. A percentage is displayed for each section, which refers to the number of people who can view that part of your page successfully, based on a sample of data from visitors to google.com.

An example taken from the Google blog is below:

Google Browser Size Example

The above example shows how potentially useful Browser Size could be in determining the best positioning for important information or purchase links. The best value would be to owners of ecommerce websites, to ensure the maximum amount of visibility is achieved for users.

We ran the PushON blog through Google Browser Size:

PushON Blog in Browser Size

The data shows that 90% of users are able to see the full width of the blog, and 90% can see the initial paragraph from the latest blog post. For a blog, the articles are the key information you want to get across to your users, so 90% visibility for the first post is a nice statistic.

Minor changes to the positioning of items can make quite a huge difference, as Google provide an example of increased downloads:

…on the download page for Google Earth, the install rate increased by 10% when we moved the “Download” button 100 pixels upward. We can attribute that increase to users who wanted to try out Google Earth, but didn’t see the button before.

Want to try Browser Size out for yourself? Head over to the following link:

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    Really Nice Article,

    There’s a firefox plugin that we’ve been using for a while now that does pretty much the same thing. It’s called Web Developer. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It allows you to manually enter resolutions to test what is seen above the fold, although the percentages added by Google are a nice touch.

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    Wow. Great article. We design websites most of the time and this will definitely be one tool I will be looking at more closely. Thanks for sharing.