New interactive ads find outlet at cinemas

PushON | August 13th 2012

Selected UK cinemas have recently been the places to visit to see examples of some of the most innovative interactive advertisements.

Firstly, in the foyers of certain cinemas run by the CineWorld, Vue and Odeon chains, touch screen panel posters are on display that invite cinemagoers to key in responses in return for the chance to win promotional items.

The special posters, which have been developed between Primesight, the outdoor communications specialist, and Digital Cinema Media (DCM), are also understood to offer interactive access via smartphones through the incorporation of quick response (QR) codes, and Near Field Communication (NFC) signals.

The posters have been placed initially at West End venues and at a restricted number of cinemas in central and southern England. However, a wider roll-out across the country is expected by late August, by which time 100 venues are due to have the posters in place.

Meanwhile, a second opportunity for cinemagoers to engage interactively with advertisements has come about, in the form of what is believed to be the first cinema-screened advertisement of its kind anywhere in the world – a Unilever Lynx commercial in which the audience is able to influence what happens on the screen purely through the use of live sound.

The commercial shows four actors, each of whom the audience has the opportunity to ‘vote for’ in turn simply by cheering. The actor receiving the loudest cheer is then shown during the remainder of the commercial.

The advertisement, screened in key cities across the country including London and Liverpool, has again been developed with the co-operation of DCM.