The popular blogging and content management platform, WordPress, has announced the release of an update to its iOS (Apple) app.

Over 180 features of the new app – officially named WordPress app version 3.1 – are understood to consist of a combination of enhancements of existing features, revamped features which had previously suffered from technical flaws and a selection of brand new additional features.

Another aspect of the new app which WordPress is keen to emphasise is what it claims is the app’s improved user interface – enabling users to see at a glance how to access particular blogs they may have already received, or might be interested in receiving, based on subject matter or the identity of the sender.

The new interface is also understood to allow users to look for information they may have received via other social media sites to which they might subscribe.

In regard to particular iOS devices, the new version of the app is believed to provide iPad users with a new previewing facility for their posts, together with an additional information sidebar which the iPad is able to accommodate because of its wider screen dimensions.

For users of the iPhone, there is said to be a new list of icons designed to help make certain tasks, such as photo uploads, settings changes and blog content reviews easier to carry out.

WordPress has said in an official statement that it is already working on the next version of its iOS app which, it claims, will offer users a host of new benefits, including a new visual editing facility.