Those contributing articles and blogs using the popular content management and online publishing tool, WordPress, will now have an additional method to help them upload photos to accompany their submissions.

WordPress has said in a recent statement that photos can now be uploaded using the Camera+ 3.0 app which is currently available for iPhones.

The company advises that provided users have access to a version of WordPress for iOS that is at least as high as 2.9.5 then the new photo uploading method should prove to be much easier to use than those methods previously available.

Under the new option users will have the choice of uploading photos either via the Camera+ Lightbox or immediately after the image has been captured using the app. Users will also have the option of including a title and description with their photo submission.

The new option has been facilitated by way of a recent upgrade of the Camera+ app by the latter’s owner, Taptaptap.

WordPress itself is reported to be planning to add to this function a facility whereby users can undertake editing tasks directly via Camera+ on content they have already uploaded using the app.

WordPress is also hoping to introduce other features in due course, including the facility to construct more involved posts through the use of several images.

The new developments planned with Camera+ are seen by many commentators as an extremely effective means of helping WordPress – which already boasts over 65 million software downloads – to maintain its grip on the market.