Blogging, publishing, and content management system tool, WordPress, has undergone some key improvements as part of its roll-out in the form of new versions for both Android mobile phones and Apple iOS products (including iPads and iPhones).

One of the new features which both versions have in common is the “Follow” button; a facility which is found in the admin bar at the top of the screen. By pressing this button when viewing a blog or website, the user is guaranteed access to further blogs or web entries from the same source.

Meanwhile, as well as benefitting from the elimination of a few annoying bugs, Android users can now also access a new HTML5 video tag for the uploading of video clips. The HTML5 upload supersedes the now very much outmoded QuickTime tag.

The iOS version of WordPress, in the meantime, includes a new content editor format bar which facilitates easier adaptation and manipulation of text, including the ability to insert links and bullet points. Users also now have access to a full screen when writing and editing.

The new versions of WordPress (version 1.5 for Android devices and version 2.9 for iOS equipment) are both available as downloadable apps.

At the same time, WordPress developers say they are already working on the next versions of WordPress – version 2 for Android devices and version 3 for iOS products – which they describe respectively as ‘stuffed with awesome new features’ and ‘the biggest update to the WordPress for iOS app since its birth’.