I had mixed feelings when watching Newsnight last night. Initially I was happy to see Kirsty Wark seeking expert opinion from a blogger about the Peter Hain resignation… I think it demonstrates how forward thinking the BBC are… but then I listened to his expert opinion.

John Hurst, the writer of prisonlawinsideout, is a prolific legal and political blogger and has also been featured on the BBC has some strong feelings on his appearance.

Although Guido’s appearance was a little embarrassing, his blog is regularly updated with the latest news and political opinion. I wouldn’t say I agree with his opinions, but I have to admire his skill as a blogger.

He’s developed a good following with people regularly commenting on his posts, and he encourages readers to get involved with surveys and caption competitions.

The notes from last night’s show are here : Newsnight Thursday 24th January; and I’m hoping the BBC will add the video clips shortly.

  • Katrina Gallagher

    And to be honest, I had a bit of an embarrasing appearance on BBC Radio Manchester.

    It just goes to show that good bloggers aren’t always the best people to ask onto your show – you might be better sending them an email!

  • I tried to put the following comment on the Newsnight blog, however, they appear to be experiencing technical difficulties so I will share it with you.

    I can understand why you had Steve Richards on Newsnight because he had quite a bit to say on Haingate and said it well.

    On the other hand, I am at a loss as to why you invited Paul Staines/Guido Fawkes onto the programme unless it was to fill a space on the sofa.

    I note that both Iain Dale’s Diary and Dizzy Thinks employed a diversionary tactic by raising the issue of the Morning Star featuring on the programme.

    I think it was a bit rich for Guido to use the dithering donkey analogy when it was obvious to all concerned he made a complete ass of himself.

  • mike

    “He’s developed a good following with people regularly commenting on his posts” you’re havin’ a laugh Kath, the foul mouthed morons who frequent that dark place are hardly representative of anything other than foul mouthed morons. Commenting on his posts consists of his happy band of cretins posting threats, insults and obscenities. You have actually visited his blog have you ? If the answer is yes, then you are a very silly person and your computer should be confiscated.

  • jus’ passin’ thru’


    Why on Earth do you give the oxygen of publicity to the unrepentant AXE KILLER Hirst?

    Kindly have a thought for the remaining family of Hirst’s elderly female victim.

    The AXE KILLER Hirst revels in his self aggrandisement and ‘notoriety’ and has failed to express the slightest remorse for his disgusting deed.

    Seven AXE blows to an elderly lady’s skull and then made himself coffee as he watched her die.

    If you really want to do society a service just call:

    National Benefit Fraud Hotline:

    0800 854 440

    Hirst is quite fit and able to trawl the net and maintain his blog and yet is in receipt of Benefits.

    He also describes himself as a ‘prison law consultant’. Presumably HMRC will be interested in seeing his accounts.

  • Katrina Gallagher

    John, thanks for adding your thoughts. We’re happy to stand in while the Newsnight blog is having a rest.


    Mike, I appreciate Guido’s content and the opinions of his followers are not to your taste, but I’m purely speaking from a blogging perspective. Since writing this post, you’ll notice there have been a number of new items added.

    The content is ‘on topic’, very regular, draws on the latest news stories, uses a mix of media and provokes discussion from new and regular readers. You may not like it, but these are all ingredients of a technically good blog.

    I hope it’s clear that this is a politically neutral evaluation.


    Jus’ passin’ thru’, apologies if I caused you upset by referencing this blog.

  • Katrina: Rather than apologise to the coward who posts snide comments under the name of Jus’ passin’ thru’, in effect, anonymous, perhaps you could advise it to start its own blog if it really has anything constructive to say?

  • Katrina Gallagher

    They are clearly upset, definitely not my intention – hence the apology stands.

    But these are two examples of technically good blogs – well maintained and thought provoking.

    I think we’ve covered everything you’re not supposed to discuss at a dinner party here…

  • I think blogging offers a way of communicating information / ideas to others that is quite unique and compelling.

  • Katrina Gallagher

    Thanks Eamon,

    I agree, I think it’s a great way to quickly express your opinions, and it’s great to get feedback.